Your Investment Can Make a Difference For National Defense

Posted on August 12, 2019

by Patriot Mobile


Patriot Mobile believes that investment capital can do more than generate financial returns. Our country has some amazing Patriots who want to put their money where it will make a difference. This new program from the Department of Defense creates opportunities to invest in companies vital for our defense industrial base.

Source: Homeland Security | Re-Post Patriot Mobile 8/12/29

Faced with Chinese tactics of creating private equity firms and investing in American technologies, the Pentagon is preparing a new tool, one it hopes will lead domestic investors to increase spending in companies vital for the defense-industrial base.

Ellen Lord, the Pentagon’s top acquisition official, unveiled the launch of the Trusted Capital Marketplace program, or TCM, on Friday, a public-private partnership that will convene trusted sources of private capital with innovative companies critical to the defense-industrial base and national security.

The program, which is the result of Section 1711 of the fiscal 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, represents a pilot program to support small and medium-sized companies that produce emerging defense and commercial technologies.

The program was stood up “just a few weeks ago,” Lord said, and there is a contract out there now for the development of a website to act as a meeting point between vetted funders and companies looking for a cash infusion. The goal is to fully roll out the program in July.

Why launch this effort? As with so much in the Pentagon right now, the answer lies in the Pacific.

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