Why We Started Patriot Mobile

Posted on March 15, 2015

by Patriot Mobile


Chris Wilson, our founder, is a long time conservative activist. He has worked on a number of high profile campaigns for local, state, and federal campaigns, including those of Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Allen West, and others

In 2012, he was working on several different campaigns but 3 in particular caught his eye. In each of those elections, a small company out of San Francisco had gotten very actively involved in trying to defeat his candidates. That company marketed itself as a “progressive phone company” and encouraged liberals to use their service and 1% of their phone bill would go to support liberal causes.

It turned out that this company had targeted 10 different conservative incumbents from the House of Representatives. Ultimately, their efforts lead to the defeat of 5 of these conservatives – including Colonel Allen West from Florida.

Chris began to mention this “phone company” to conservative groups he worked with in Washington DC. Groups like the NRA, Heritage Foundation, Susan B. Anthony List, American Conservatives Union, Family Research Council and others. The general response from these groups was that this small business in California was having an impact in favor of the liberals that was unmatched by conservatives.

Chris was encouraged by the leaders of these groups to start a mobile phone business aimed at conservatives for the purpose of helping conservative causes and that they would partner with him to help raise awareness to their donors.

After some research, he learned that the California phone company, called Credo Mobile, had provided nearly $80 million to liberal causes and candidates and only had a few hundred thousand customers.

Chris quickly realized that he would be able to provide the same quality of service as the big guys at attractive prices and that he wanted to give much more than just 1% to support his lifelong passion of helping conservatives get elected to public office. After lots of number crunching it was determined that Patriot Mobile could provide up to 5% of every dollar conservatives spent on mobile service back to conservative groups, causes, and candidates.

Based on the average expected phone bill for a family of around $200 per month and 5% given to conservative causes and candidates. That meant that 250,000 customers would generate $30 million dollars annually for conservative groups and candidates or the average family would help provide $120 to conservative causes – at no additional cost to them.*

$30 million dollars each year would have a huge impact on Conservatism in this country and it is his hope that it will have a significant impact on the future trajectory for our nation which he feels has been going in the wrong direction for the last several years.

It is the sincere hope of Chris and the rest of our management team and employees that you will align yourself with conservative causes and help to make a difference in the future of our country.

Visit http://www.patriotmobile.com/product-category/phones/ to get started.

*Estimates based on expected use, pricing, devices per family etc. Actual revenues and proceeds will vary by account

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