Patriot Mobile Reviews – A Spotlight on Jessica Malone

Patriot Mobile has grown exponentially in the last few years. We attribute our success to the invaluable contributions of our employees.

Who is Jessica Malone?

This month, we’re highlighting an employee who shows outstanding customer service in our member services department. Jessica Malone is a team lead who has consistently exceeded expectations since she started working for Patriot Mobile in April 2022. Our member services team is the heart of our company, taking calls six days a week to activate new members, troubleshooting various issues, and even praying for those who call in. Jessica’s dedication, hard work, and patience put our members at ease during the process of switching to Patriot Mobile, as evidenced by the outpouring of positive feedback she has received from our members.

Patriot Mobile Reviews of Jessica Malone

Jessica is patient. “We are old, and don’t grasp the new technology easily.  Also, we don’t have wifi.  Jessica was very gracious and helpful, even though my husband is very limited with what he can absorb and retain.  I’m sure it was frustrating to Jessica as well, but she persevered and was very patient.  She truly went above and beyond, especially since it was after hours for her.  We are on Pacific time. And I hope she was compensated for setting aside her personal life that evening. You have an exceptional employee in Jessica – a gem who is an enormous asset to Patriot Mobile. She truly was a blessing to us. Thank you!” – Marilyn  

Jessica is dedicated. “I was completely impressed with the level of personal service Patriot Mobile and Jessica provided to make sure that my problems were completely resolved. Yesterday on 12/29/22 I received an email that let me know that everything was now resolved and today on 12/30/22 I received a follow up call from Jessica to make sure that everything was completed to my satisfaction. I can say that my whole experience in working through my two issues is a tremendous example of what great customer service looks like. It is when things don’t work perfectly that you find out what level of customer service a company has, and Patriot Mobile passed the test with flying colors. 

And finally, I cannot say how important it is to me to do business with a company that is supporting the values that has made American the freest and most prosperous country for all its citizens in human history. Patriot Mobile, keep up all the great work!” – David

Jessica is qualified. “I’m new with Patriot Mobile and was having a very hard time changing SIM cards then trying to correct an error message. Jessica went so far above and beyond duty to help me. I’ve had a stroke and get easily overwhelmed and confused and she was incredibly patient and stayed on until we fixed everything. Patriot should be very proud to have such a qualified angel working for you.” – Judi

Indeed, Jessica is truly a gem whom we’re blessed to have as part of the Patriot Mobile team!

Jessica’s Patriot Mobile review

“It has honestly been the most amazing experience working for Patriot Mobile,” said Jessica. “I have learned so much in the last eleven months and look forward to learning more every day. I have also gained so many amazing friendships. Work is so different when you love what you do and the people you work with. It’s truly a blessing!”

As American corporations have become more woke, pushing anti-American values on its employees and customers, Jessica has found a workplace that shares her values. “My favorite thing about working for Patriot Mobile is being surrounded by people with the same beliefs as me,” said Jessica. “This allows me to connect with members everyday on a different level. It feels like family here. I love being a part of Patriot Mobile’s mission.”

When Jessica isn’t taking extraordinary care of our members, you can find her spending time with her daughter and husband, going to church, and hanging out with her family.

Join us in thanking Jessica for her contributions to support our company’s growth! Her commitment to our members is invaluable to our mission.

Jessica Malone with her husband and daughter

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