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Patriot Mobile Referral Rewards Program

We know how easy it is to talk about a company you love, and we want to thank you for spreading the word about Patriot Mobile and our mission. We have always sought to build a company based on integrity, trust, and Conservative values, and thanks to you, we continue to grow and do just that! We want to make sure that you get the credit you’re due, so here’s how Referring a Friend to Patriot Mobile can save you BIG on your next phone bill.

Through our new Referral Rewards program, you have the ability to receive $10 off your bill per each member you refer for an entire calendar year! That means, if your plan is around $50 a month, and you refer 5 people in the same month that become Patriot Mobile members, your invoice could be paid for an entire year!

Our success and impact on the Conservative movement is directly due to you, the member. Please continue to spread the word about Patriot Mobile- it is as easy as sharing your Referral Code (First and Last Name and/or Account Number) with friends and family. Don’t let them settle for Big Mobile. Choose Patriotism like never before. Choose Patriot Mobile.

Referral Plan Conditions

  • The referred member must be a first-time, new member that opens a separate account.
  • Referral credit amount: $10 per month per new Patriot Mobile member.
  • Referral credit duration: 12 months per new Patriot Mobile member.
  • The referred member must be enrolled in one of Patriot Mobile’s automatic payment plans.
  • Both members may not be late or miss a payment for 12 months.
  • The existing and referred members must BOTH remain active Patriot Mobile members.
  • Referral credit cannot exceed referring member’s monthly bill amount. If you refer 6 people and your monthly phone bill is $50, you will only receive a $50 credit.
  • Your phone bill will be credited starting the first month after the new member has joined Patriot Mobile.
  • If either one of the members is late on payments or becomes an inactive Patriot Mobile member, the referral credits ceases for the referring member.