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Posted on August 1, 2022

by Patriot Mobile


Guest post: Riley Waddell is a Patriot Mobile Brand Ambassador. Riley will be a freshman at Baylor University this fall, majoring in Health Science Studies on a Pre-Med track. As a young, Christian conservative woman, she is passionate about the land of the free and home of the brave that she loves. 

“This Florida man far prefers the swamps of the sunshine state to the ugly swamp of Washington D.C.” This was an unapologetic statement, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz made at the opening of his speech at TPUSA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. Much like Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congressman Matt Gaetz has become a trailblazer for the new Republican Party.  

Matt Gaetz speaks at TPUSA's Student Action Summit 2022
Lauren Boebert speaks at TPUSA's Student Action Summit 2022

For decades, Republicans have sat in the corner and remained silent on important issues because of the plaguing fear that we might offend someone. Fortunately, that long drought of living in fear and cowering to the radical left is over for good. The New Republican Party is unapologetic, God-fearing and extremely proud of the country we call home. We, the People, are using our voice and electing individuals to congress that align with conservative values and are unashamed of loving our country. This New Republican Party is not afraid to address controversial issues and stand firm in our stance even when our answers contradict the Leftist agenda.  

 It’s time to cancel the cancel culture era. Celebrities, athletes, parents, business owners, and ordinary citizens have been victimized by cancel culture. No one is safe from the ever-expanding playbook of what the left decides is acceptable. Thankfully brands that were under fire like Goya Foods and My Pillow stood their ground with humor and class and did not cower to leftist pressure. Republicans mustered up so much support for both companies that sales skyrocketed.   

While you can go after the company, you cannot cancel loyal customers that love the product and support the cause. The once popular wave of leftist activists cancelling those who have opposing views is now having the opposite effect. Celebrities like Gina Carano wear their cancelled badge proudly. She was happy to part ways with Disney after they fired her from The Mandalorian for having opposing political views and refusing to fit their cookie cutter leftist narrative. Dave Chappelle was ridiculed for making comments that there are only two genders during his Netflix special, The Closer. He was then welcomed with applause for standing his ground at his next show. He told Deadline, “if this is what canceled is like, I love it.” The radical left needs to come face to face with themselves and realize their time for a woke agenda is coming to an end. 

Seeing the will of the People, the New Republican Party is awake and ready to fight against those who want to impose woke beliefs and cancel culture on America. We have realized tremendous success in combating those ideals with Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial win and Winsome Sears’ win as Lieutenant Governor, both in Virginia. Congresswoman Maya Flores’ huge win to unseat the traditionally democratic 34h district in South Texas was another feather in the New Republican Party’s cap. Even Charlie Kirk is fighting back after Whoopi Goldberg accused attendees of TPUSA’s Student Action Summit of being Nazis in a recent episode of The View. Silence and complacency are no longer an option. We must stand firm and unapologetically speak out to preserve the America our Founding Fathers fought so hard to create. Waiting for someone else to speak up is no longer an option. It will take every single God-fearing, Constitution-protecting, neighbor-loving citizen to make a difference.  

Charlie Kirk speaks at TPUSA's SAS 2022

America is under attack, and we have stood idly by for too long, allowing those who seek to destroy the power and voice to impose their will. The New Republican Party is ready to fight with the full armor of God and Patriot Mobile is, too. Ephesians 6:13 says “for this reason take up the full armor of God, so that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having prepared everything, to take your stand.” Patriots, we can no longer idly stand by while the country we love is being run into the ground by politicians that put both God and America last. We must be willing to speak out unapologetically against injustice and fight for our God-given rights, and that includes electing the right people who support our values. Thankfully we are witnessing a resurgence of true Conservatives who love our country and will stand firm against those who do not.

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