Patriot Mobile Coverage – All Your Questions Answered

Posted on May 3, 2023

by Patriot Mobile


When considering switching to Patriot Mobile, one of the first questions people ask is, “What’s Patriot Mobile’s coverage like?”

That’s a great question! We have good news – Patriot Mobile’s wireless coverage is excellent. In fact, we take pride in the reliability of our wireless services. That’s because we have negotiated equal priority contracts with the major networks we use, enabling us to provide dependable nationwide coverage on 4G or 5G networks. We are one of only a few wireless providers that offer coverage on all major networks, giving our members the best possible service, no matter where they are in the nation.

What network does Patriot Mobile use?

When Patriot Mobile was founded in 2013, we began offering wireless services on just one of the networks. We have worked tirelessly to provide the best coverage for our members. Today, we utilize ALL MAJOR NETWORKS, vastly improving coverage for our members nationwide.

At Patriot Mobile, we are so confident in our coverage that we have a coverage guarantee. If you’re ever experiencing service issues, we can switch you for FREE to a different network more suitable for your area. With Patriot Mobile, you never have to switch wireless providers again!

Patriot Mobile coverage – Customer reviews

Read just a few of our customer reviews testifying to the quality of Patriot Mobile’s coverage.

“So happy we switched to Patriot Mobile. Not only is the signal better but so is the price and customer service.” – Byork

“Great service and coverage! Would highly recommend. Great Christian Company. I will stand by you.” – Bianca

“I’ve been with Patriot Mobile for the second time for about 2 years. I joined them when they were brand new. Unfortunately, they only had one carrier and I did not have good coverage in my area, so I left. After a year on one of the expensive major carriers, I couldn’t wait to get back. They had added another carrier so I have great coverage. Great conservative company, great pricing, great customer care. Love them!” – DeMarco

“My irrigation business is run through my cell phone. Because wi-fi-enabled irrigation controllers are popular now, I have customers who give me access to their controller. Back in 2018, I really liked what you guys were doing. Your values line up with my values, but I quickly found out there were some customers I could not service when you only operated on one network. The carrier I switched to has lost its mind with all of this woke nonsense and the service just got more expensive. So I switched back to Patriot Mobile because I really do believe in what you guys are doing. I believe that your values line up with my conservative Christian values, and so I thought, well, let me just go back and see if things have improved and they have!” – Robert

Call us at 972-PATRIOT and our friendly representatives can check the coverage in your area to see which network is most suitable for you. Or you can check the coverage map on our website. Switch today and take advantage of our coverage guarantee!

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