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Would you switch phone companies if you knew your current carrier was using your money to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign, restrict your Second Amendment rights or promote abortion through organizations like Planned Parenthood?   What if there was a progressive liberal phone company targeting conservative candidates and organizations? Would you want to switch to a conservative phone company to help fight against their liberal agenda? The fact is, your current phone carrier is using your money to undermine your beliefs and there is a progressive radical liberal phone company spending tens of millions dollars to remove conservative leaders from office and fight for liberal social change. So now what? Do you do nothing and just accept that this is the cost of owning a phone or do you take action?  Well, we decided to take action. We created Patriot Mobile.


In 2012, a radical liberal phone company called Credo Mobile spent millions of dollars to successfully remove five of the most conservative members of the U.S. Congress.  In the aftermath of this crushing defeat, one of our founders who was working on several of these campaigns discovered that a lot of the money and manpower that was used by the opposition came from Credo. He also discovered that they weren’t the only culprits.  Large mobile carriers (the ones you currently subscribe to), also donate millions of dollars to fund the liberal agenda.  Infuriated by this loss and frustrated that there was no conservative answer that could counter the money and influence of this radical liberal organization, he decided to create a conservative option.  The concept was simple… mobilize conservatives by offering us a service we already pay for and use a portion of the proceeds to fund conservative causes and candidates that we believe in!

Building this company—a conservative phone company, has not been without challenges, but after sending a few large checks to organizations like the Family Research Council and Susan B. Anthony List, it has been totally worth it.  Based in Southlake, Texas, we sold the first of thousands of phones and mobile plans back in November 2014 and are experiencing phenomenal growth.  We attribute this to the courageous hearts of Americans across this country who are tired of sitting back and watching our country deteriorate before our eyes. They have decided to put their money where their values are and support a company that they know they can trust to invest valuable resources into the time-honored traditional American values that have made our country the greatest on earth.

This is just the beginning! We still have a way to go to become a driving force in the conservative movement, but we know with your commitment we can get there.  We can’t continue to patronize companies and organizations that don’t share our values, use our money to undermine our beliefs and then expect our country to reflect our values.  We must let our voices be heard and the best way to do that is with our wallets! We are committed to offering exceptional mobile phone service, something you already pay for every month, and using up to 5% of every one of your monthly bills to fund causes that you believe in!  It’s time to start Mobilizing Conservatives and win the ideological battle for the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere. It’s time for Patriot Mobile!