Moms for Liberty Summit: ‘Mama Bears’ Become Powerful Political Force

Posted on July 6, 2023

by Patriot Mobile


Less than a mile from Independence Hall, Moms for Liberty gathered for their Joyful Warriors National Summit in downtown Philadelphia on June 29–July 2.

Independence Hall is the birthplace of our nation’s liberty where our Founding Fathers debated and adopted both the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. These Mama Bears of America are once again “rocking the cradle of liberty,” fighting for the survival of America by standing up for parental rights and protecting children from harmful indoctrination.

Patriot Mobile proudly sponsored and attended this year’s national summit, which drew over 600 activist parents from around the country. An impressive lineup of speakers addressed the attendees over the weekend including top presidential candidates former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, along with many conservative thought leaders.

Tiffany Justice, Co-founder of Moms for Liberty
Tina Descovich, Co-founder of Moms for Liberty
Mary Millben sings the national anthem

Moms for Liberty Summit – What is Moms for Liberty?

During the height of the pandemic when schools were shut down and mask mandates were implemented nationwide, two moms came together to form Moms for Liberty to protest these destructive policies and stand up for parental rights to direct the education of their children. Since its founding in January 2021, Moms for Liberty has exploded in growth to over 120,000 members in 45 states.

The media are waking up to the fact that parents are a huge voting bloc that can no longer be ignored. Mama Bears will be a political force in the 2024 presidential election. In fact, Mama Bears led to the upset victory of Governor Glenn Youngkin in Virginia. A growing number of parents are refusing to “co-parent with the government.”

Moms for Liberty Summit speakers focus on education

The weekend was packed with back-to-back speakers and strategy sessions. “We will never, ever surrender to the woke mob. We are going to leave woke ideology in the dustbin of history!” said Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday morning to a room full of patriotic moms.

That evening, former President Donald Trump praised the activist work Moms for Liberty members are doing all over the country, promising to protect parental rights if re-elected President. “Don’t mess with America’s moms,” he said. “You are joyful warriors, you are fierce patriots… you are the best thing that has happened to America.”

Governor Ron DeSantis speaks at Moms for Liberty summit
President Donald Trump speaks at Moms for Liberty summit

Leigh Wambsganss, Patriot Mobile’s Chief Communications Officer, also took the stage to encourage the warrior mamas. “This is not a political war, it is a spiritual war. And as long as God gives us breath, we are here to fight for His children!”

“The truth always comes out as long as there are people willing to speak it,” said James Lindsay, arming the warrior moms with the knowledge to combat the cultural revolution we’re currently in.

Vivek Ramaswamy was joined by his wife and children on stage to give a fresh perspective on American patriotism and the importance of passing on our values to the next generation. “Our responsibility as parents is to have our kids live our version of the American dream. We have to reach the next generation so that they are proud of our country again.”

On Saturday evening, radio host Dennis Prager keynoted the ‘Such A Time As This’ Awards Dinner. “The Bible does not believe in social justice, the Bible believes in justice,” he said. Repudiating leftist ideology with biblical truth, Prager shared his deep wisdom and insight on how to preserve American liberty for such a time as this.

Author James Lindsay speaks at Moms for Liberty summit
Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and family
Radio host Dennis Prager
Leigh Wambsganss, Patriot Mobile's CCO

Leadership Institute founder and president Morton Blackwell was awarded the Liberty Sword by Moms for Liberty that weekend. Since 1979, his educational institute has trained over 260,000 young conservatives for success in politics, government, and the news media. A well-deserved honor for a lifetime of achievement

Morton Blackwell with Moms for Liberty

Moms for Liberty Summit draws disruptive protestors

Throughout the weekend, hundreds of protesters stationed themselves outside the Marriott Hotel to protest the summit. “What we have witnessed in Philadelphia over the past few days… This isn’t protest. This is about bullying, intimidating and terrorizing us,” said Scarlett Johnson of Moms for Liberty. “1000 Philadelphia police officers had to terminate time off so that they could guard us.” While attendees had concerns about their safety, their resolve to stay the course never wavered.

We are grateful for the incredible law enforcement officers who came out to protect the attendees, even as the protestors yelled obscenities and tried to block them from entering and leaving the building.

While the leftist protestors sought to intimidate us, we did not back down. They only encouraged the warrior moms to continue fighting for freedom and our children.

Protestors outside Marriott Hotel

Moms for Liberty Summit – Patriot Mobile proudly supports Moms for Liberty

Patriot Mobile was honored to sponsor and participate in this year’s Moms for Liberty summit. We gladly support the important work Moms for Liberty is doing to take a stand for the cause of liberty and protect the next generation of Americans!

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