Mercury One and Patriot Mobile Deliver Hope and Supplies During the Rise of COVID-19

Posted on August 27, 2020

by Patriot Mobile


By: Ellie Tradup, Marketing Coordinator

2020 has been a difficult year to say the least…most notably, COVID-19 which swept in and knocked the world on its backside. Just about everyone suffered from COVID-19, millions of Americans lost their jobs and with that, the ability to provide for their families. Suddenly, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes became the most sought-after commodities, people stockpiled toilet paper like it was the end of times, and going to the grocery store was like mission impossible.

As awful as quarantine was, there was beauty in seeing people serve their neighborhoods…whether it be gifting food and supplies or even writing old-fashioned letters to boost morale. The modern American family finally had time to sit and spend quality time together. COVID-19 brought all of America together, every religion, race, profession, even differing political parties.

As a backdrop, Mercury One, was founded by conservative media personality and author Glenn Beck in 2011. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the human spirit through humanitarian aid and educational initiatives. During the rise of COVID 19, a prominent Democratic member of Michigan House of Representatives, Karen Whitsett, called into Glenn Beck’s radio show to ask for assistance. She expressed how desperate the city of Detroit was for supplies, especially to help their first responders. Regardless of the obvious political differences between Beck and this representative, Beck pledged the help of Mercury One and longtime partner Operation Blessing.

Patriot Mobile partnered with Mercury One on a $20,000 matching contribution campaign which quickly raised $90,000. The money aided in first responder support, COVID-19 testing, medical health volunteer support, sanitizers, shelter, food distribution/logistics, and general disaster relief.

The unlikely unity of a Democrat from Detroit with Mercury One, Glenn Beck, Operation Blessing and a Christian Conservative Wireless Company named Patriot Mobile brought needed response and supplies where it was needed most. All said, 40,000 pounds worth of essential supplies were delivered.

Perhaps, this is a beautiful example of ‘unity of purpose’ in America. When the going gets tough, and we all band together, we will always make a difference. For more information about these organizations or to donate, go to:

Mercury One

Operation Blessing

Patriot Mobile

About Patriot Mobile –

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