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Don't spend your hard-earned money with liberal companies. Patriot Mobile offers its potential customers the opportunity for a Contract Buyout (CBO) to ease the financial obligation with their current provider as they make the switch to Patriot Mobile.

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Why Join Patriot Mobile?

  • Up to 5% of monthly proceeds goes to the conservative organization of your choice at no additional cost to you!
  • Credit up to $500 per line, not to exceed $1500 per account*
  • You can keep your number and your phone, or get new ones
  • 10% off for all active-duty military, veterans, and first responders


  • Credit up to $500 per line, not to exceed $1500 per account
    • 3-line maximum per account
  • Only paid in the form of Account Credit
    • No Checks
    • No Cash
  • Requires a 24-month Contract
    • Plan
    • Device Installment Plan
  • Only applies to Plans with a Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) over $35
  • Device Installment Buyout:
    • Customer must Bring Their Own Device (BYOD) or Trade Phone
  • Potential customers must provide Final Bill from their previous Carrier (OSP), showing the Early Termination Fees to be credited. These can be sent to:
    • Scan -
    • Fax – 1-866-952-5019
    • Fax must include ATTENTION: Patriot Mobile and Patriot Mobile Account Number
    • Contract Buyout (CBO) does not include taxes or other fees
  • Contract Buyout (CBO) will be applied after customer has been activated with Patriot Mobile and Autopay has successfully run at least one successful billing cycle (35 calendar days from activation)
  • Eligibility is determined by Patriot Mobile’s credit process and the outcome will be noted on the customer’s account at the time of the order
  • Early Termination Fee CBO/Early Term chargeback:
    • If the customer cancels their contract with Patriot Mobile before their 24-month contract is up, then the customer will be charged the remaining Contract Buyout (CBO) amount that was applied and credited to their account minus the months of service that was completed

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Patriot Mobile s7


Samsung Galaxy S7

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Patriot Mobile iPhone 7


Apple iPhone 5s + 1yr AppleCare

With the $60 $45 unlimited talk/text/data plan*

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Offer Expires 5.31.17

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