Flag Day 2023 – Patriot Mobile Celebrates Patriotism on Flag Day

Posted on June 14, 2023

by Patriot Mobile


Flag Day 2023 – What is Flag Day?

On Flag Day, Patriot Mobile celebrates the significance of the American flag and reflects on the meaning behind the stars and stripes. For millions of people at home and abroad, throughout many generations, the American flag represents hope, freedom, and opportunity – a beacon of light in the world.

On this day on June 14th, 1777, the Continental Congress passed a resolution adopting the new flag for the United States of America. Today, we celebrate the flag which has unified America for over 240 years.

As America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider, Patriot Mobile will always support our American flag. We understand that the price of freedom is never free and acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of American lives that were laid down to win our nation’s independence, preserve our union, and safeguard freedom for us all.

Today, we come before God humbly and thank our Lord for this nation and for His divine providence throughout our history. As Francis Scott Key wrote beautifully in the last stanza of our national anthem:

“And this be our motto – “In God is our trust,”

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave,

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

May we heed the words of Thomas Jefferson who said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Today, we recommit to the founding principles that have made America the greatest country on earth. Let’s raise our flag proudly and remember all that it represents today!

Flag Day 2023 – Patriot Mobile sponsors F.L.A.G. Program

Patriot Mobile proudly sponsored several events in observance of Flag Day. This past weekend, we sponsored the F.L.A.G. program TopGolf event in Dallas, Texas. This program instills pride and respect for the American flag through an extensive education program for students. We encourage you to start a F.L.A.G. club at your local school campus where students will be taught the proper Flying, Lowering, And Gathering of the United States and State Flag during the school year. There are many participating schools throughout Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, and other states, and the number is growing every year.

We’re proud to give back to patriotic organizations like the F.L.A.G. program, educating the next generation about the significance of our flag.

Flag Day 2023 – The “Get Patriotized” Summit features prominent speakers

Patriot Mobile’s CEO and Co-Founder, Glenn Story spoke at The Get Patriotized Summit on June 14th, to celebrate Flag Day. This free, all-day virtual event aimed to foster our pride, loyalty, and dedication to the United States of America and to its founding principles of freedom, democracy, and justice for all. 

We were proud to be joined at this event by esteemed patriots such as Steve Bannon, Mike Lindell, and General Mike Flynn.

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