Disgusted with Congress – Take Action

Posted on September 18, 2018

by Patriot Mobile


Patriots, this is a critical time in our country. We believe it’s imperative to hold Senators accountable for the unfair process surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Patriot Mobile stands solidly in support of the Judge and against the disgraceful effort by Sen. Feinstein and some of her colleagues to impugn his sterling character. We do not support these tactics which damage the stature of the Senate. Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have refused to meet with Judge Kavanaugh to address allegations that they themselves hid from public view, and have used as a last-minute ambush to attack his character and negate his many hours of thoughtful and substantive testimony in front of the Committee.

These destructive maneuvers and dirty tricks are designed to protect Democrat candidates, feed the anger of progressive activists before the midterm elections, and mislead the American public about what they have learned about Judge Kavanaugh’s impeccable career and sound judgment. Obviously, some on the Left have chosen to do everything – anything – to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, regardless of the truth or the fallout. The Senate, the country and the American people deserve better.

It’s time to do everything we can to support Conservative values with our vote and with every purchase decision we make as Americans. Patriot Mobile donates a portion of your monthly phone bill to Conservative organizations such as 2nd Vote, National Rifle Association, Susan B. Anthony List, and FRC Action. You can go to 2nd Vote to support more Conservative companies in your everyday purchases to support your values.

Join us in the fight to protect Conservative values,

Morri Leland

CEO of Patriot Mobile

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