COVID-19 Response


Learn How Patriot Mobile Is Responding To COVID-19

As we all continue to be impacted by COVID-19, Patriot Mobile is here to help. Please take a moment to read how we are here to keep our members connected, provide exemplary service to you and support all essential service personnel during this crisis.

7 Ways We Are Responding To COVID-19

1. Patriot Mobile’s office is physically open and we are following the direction and guidance of the CDC, the Federal COVID-19 Task Force and our State and Local Mandates

2. We are here to serve with uninterrupted service. Call us at 877-367-7524 if you have concerns, problems or need some helpful advice related to cell phones, talk, data and set-up. Also call us if you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime.

Our U.S. based team is experienced in working virtually as that is how Patriot Mobile has been operating since its inception, to be highly responsive and proactive to your needs.

Customer support hours:

Monday – Friday 8am – 8:30pm CST

Saturday 9am – 6pm CST

Sunday – we are closed for family and worship

3. To ensure you stay fully connected during this pandemic, we have added 10GB of high-speed data until May 31, 2020 to all Patriot Mobile lines, at no additional costs to our members

4. On going contributions to our causes

Patriot Mobile is continuing to contribute funds to support the values of our members

Most recently we partnered with Mercury One to raise funds to provide relief to first responders, more than 385,000 meals to the needy, two truckloads of supplies to Detroit and much more during the COVID-19 crisis through a match gift challenge, in which we donated $20,000. This match gift challenge resulted in approximately $90,000 being raised to combat this pandemic

5. What we are doing to protect our employees?

Our corporate offices and Network Operations Center is in a large multi-tenant building – and we are the only essential business that is here – lots of separation is occurring!

We are following the direction and guidance of the CDC, the Federal COVID-19 Task Force and our State and Local Mandates

We have implemented work remote and work at home processes

When in the office – we have implemented stringent separation policies and more frequent deep cleaning processes

There are restrictions on employee travel

There are company resources available to any employee directly affected by COVID-19 

6. We are here to pray for you. Patriot Mobile employees are praying for the safety of our members, wisdom of our leadership and recovery of our great nation. 

7. Helpful Suggestions

It’s so important to keep your hands clean during COVID-19. The CDC and the COVID Task Force recommends frequently washing your hands for a full 20 seconds

Equally, as important is to keep your cell phone clean. Your cellphone is in your hands or up to your face several times a day. As such, here is a helpful video to guide you on properly cleaning your phone.