Do Not Fear Change – Plan For It

Change can be intimidating. Most people don’t like it, and many people actively resist it. People thrive on a routine – on what’s comfortable, normal, and safe. Progress comes with a cost and that usually requires change. I’m a planner by nature. …Read more

Reflections on George H.W. Bush, Pearl Harbor, and the Courage It Takes to Achieve Unity

I quietly excused myself from the hustle and bustle of our corporate office. Not only is it the holiday season in our business, but we also just moved into our new building, having gracefully outgrown our former location. Out of somber respect, …Read more

The Meeting of the Waters

The Meeting of the Waters There’s a fascinating natural phenomenon found deep in the heart of Northern Brazil. A friendly, sand-colored river, The Solimões, rushes alongside the dark and murky Rio Negro on their journey to joining the lengthy Amazon river. Due …Read more

The Opposite of Compromise

I recently received a memorandum that took my mind by force. The letter was a call-to-action, a stark persuasion to vote in the upcoming election, claiming the future as fragile and potential conservative losses historic. I wholeheartedly agree. We are in the …Read more

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